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Fall Protection End-User Safety Training

Introducing our new Fall Protection End-User Training program!
If you ordered a Fall Protection End-User trainer kit prior to March 2017, the handbook refill packs may not match your existing trainer binder. Please contact our office before ordering so we can verify which version you need.

Designed to assist employers in meeting the Federal and the USACE EM385-1-1 requirements for internal employee fall protection end-user safety training.

Training materials for this 1 day end-user workshop addresses laws and standards related to:

  • End user fall protection safety training
  • Managing falling risk
  • Fall hazard classifications and types
  • Hazard recognition and awareness
  • Sources of fall protection laws and regulations
  • Understanding hazard mitigation systems used
  • Fall protection system types
  • Donning, doffing, component inspection, proper use


  • Fall protection and position restraint
  • Guardrails, covers, net systems
  • Barrier, monitor and warning line systems
  • AWP, Forklift, Crane fall protection
  • Rooftop fall required protection
  • Scaffolding required fall protection
  • Ladders and ladder climbing devices
  • Basic self and assisted rescue
  • Suspension trauma
  • Section written knowledge verification checks
  • Practical inspection and use checklists

See what’s included with each program Trainer Kit under Product Description (scroll down).


Trainer package includes:

  • Comprehensive instructor’s binder
  • Training tips
  • Color-keyed Trainer’s script
  • PowerPoint training presentation
  • (20) 56 page End-User student books
  • (1) 156 page Competent Person reference manual
  • End-User written knowledge checks
  • End-User practical evaluation checklists
  • End-User Training ID card template
  • All required forms for record keeping
  • Trainer’s tote bag

Additional end-user student handbooks can be purchased in packs of 10.

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