Bindery Assembler Questionnaire

Applicant Information

Position Requirements

Have you fully reviewed, and do you understand the position description, tasks and requirements as posted?
Although the schedule can be flexible and adjusted, the position requires work attendence that is within the company attendence parameters including working days scheduled, sick days, vacation days and holiday days off. Can you meet this requirement?
My Availability to Work:
Do you have, or can take, transportation to and from work at the print shop on Tualatin Valley Highway in Aloha Oregon which will allow you to meet the work schedule?
Although there is no set productivity standard, the position requires the employee to work independently at a productive pace during assembly to meet company product demand, and that demand can change/increase from day to day possibly affecting the work pace. Can you meet this requirement?
OVERTON Safety Training has a strict diversity code of conduct and requires affirmation that all employees respect the diversity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and religious preference of both our entire staff and that of all our client’s employees. Can you meet this requirement?
Requires ability to read, speak and communicate clearly in the English language. Can you meet this requirement?
Can you pass a criminal background check?
Requires the ability to stand on your feet and assemble Training products for 2 hours at a time accumulating up to 4 hours in a single day. Can you physically meet this requirement?
Requires manual dexterity with your hands and fingers to assemble and insert/assemble training products (Trainer Binders) maintaining a reasonable productivity and pace. Can you physically meet this requirement?
Requires ability to lift various materials to include but not be limited to bulk printing supplies, training binders, books and printed materials which normally do not exceed 35lbs. Ability to operate and use a 2-wheel hand truck to move bulk product from outdoor to indoor and from room to room. Can you meet this requirement?
Do you have any physical issues that would prohibit or hinder you from meeting the physical requirements of the Bindery Assembler position?
If currently employed, why are you looking to leave your current employer? (select up to 3)
Select the best 4 (four) personal traits you possess that make you a good match for this position.
Select the best 4 (four) best examples of a value that an employee should bring to an employer.
Thank you for completing this questionnaire. Your answers will be reviewed by the hiring committee and those applicants selected for a personal interview will be contacted the week of April 28 -May 3.