Preparatory courses and CCO National Certification ExamsThese workshops assist employers in meeting the current federal and selected state regulations for the National Certification of Crane Operators and include administration of the CCO National Certification computer-based Written Exams and Practical Exams.

The training curriculum is designed to prepare students to take the applicable desired CCO National Certification written exams which cover Federal OSHA, ASME standards, manufacturer requirements, industry best practices, and applicable topics.

Preparatory Courses May Include:

    • Student preparatory workbook
    • Practice written knowledge check quizzes
    • CCO National Certification computer-based online written exams
    • CCO National Certification practical exam administration

Available Courses:

ProgramExam AbbrClass LengthOpen
Articulating CraneABC, ABW, ABL2 days
Telescopic Boom Truck; Fixed StationCore, TSS3 days
Telescopic Mobile Crane; Swing StationCore, TSS, TLL4-5 days
Telehandler NEW!THF, THR1 day
Tower CraneTC3 days
Service Truck CraneSTC2-3 days
Digger DerrickDD3 days
Overhead CraneOVR2 days
Rigger 1Rigger Level 12-3 days
SignalpersonSignalperson2 days


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