Rigging & Signaling Training & Qualification Courses

Open Enrollment Rigging & Signaling Qualification

Rigging & Signaling Qualification Courses

These 1-day Riggers and Signalperson courses assist employers in meeting the current federal and selected state regulations for Qualified Person training, testing, and evaluation. This is NOT a national certification program.

The Rigging portion of the program covers risk management, general crane safety & hazards of operating cranes, rigging plans, the use and inspection criteria for master links, shackles, eyebolts, lifting eyes, slings, sling angles, hitches, spreader bars and equalizer beams, calculataing load weight & and center of gravity. Additionally, the Signaling/Spotting portion of the program covers Qualified Signal Person requirements, power line safety, positioning, craning hazards, signal person requirements, and hand and verbal crane signaling, meanings, actions and potential hazards they may cause.

Courses Include:

  • Student workbook
  • Classroom instruction
  • Written examination
  • Practical workshop rigging scenarios
Rigging and Signaling

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