5 Steps to implement in-house Training

You can internally perform the training and qualification for your employees to meet the Federal OSHA and/or many state regulations! For employees operating or working around equipment in general industry use and not requiring national certification, such as:

  • Aerial Work Platforms
  • Boom Trucks and Mobile Cranes
  • Articulating Cranes and Loaders
  • Overhead Cranes
  • Fall Protection
  • Forklift
  • Loaders
  • Rigging & Signaling for Cranes

NOTE: If your state or federal regulations require National Certification, we can help with that too! Please call John in our office at (866) 531-0403 to set up training or if you are unsure if your operators require National Certification or General Industry training.

1. Designate who will be your in-house trainer

According to Federal OSHA and many State regulations, all training and evaluation shall be conducted by persons who have the knowledge, training, and experience to train and evaluate the competence of their operators/end-users. Companies can select an employee who already meets these requirements to train and evaluate staff internally (i.e. supervisors, foremen, etc.) or have one trained by us to meet these requirements.

2. Know the OSHA criteria for training

According to Federal OSHA and many State regulations, training shall consist of a combination of formal instruction (e.g., lecture, discussion, interactive computer learning, video, written material) covering the required topics and regulations, a form of comprehension verification (written knowledge check or test), practical training (demonstrations performed by the trainer and practical exercises performed by the trainee), and evaluation of the operator’s performance demonstrating required skill set and equipment use in the workplace.

3. Know the record retention requirements

Employers are required to retain records of training for each operator/end-user; records shall include the name of the student, the date of the training, the date of the evaluation, and the identity of the person who performed the training/evaluation.

4. Find a training program

OVERTON trainer kits are designed to assist employers in meeting the OSHA and many State requirements for training, testing, and evaluation of operators/end-users.

OVERTON training kits contain comprehensive student handbooks and a trainer’s binder (teacher’s aid) which includes: training tips and techniques, a follow along PowerPoint, written knowledge checks, practical evaluation forms, and instructions on how to implement each step of the training, testing, and evaluating process.

OVERTON Trainer Kits also include a USB drive with all the forms you will need for record keeping including: sign in roster, grade sheet, document of initial training, and customizable ID card template.

5. Re-train as required

Refresher or additional training varies depending on type of equipment or systems used. Our programs guide you through the re-training/refresher process for your operators/end-users.