1Buy Rigging and Signaling Qualification Materials

A. Adapt and Add

All OVERTON programs meet OSHA requirements for training. Use an OVERTON program for the core portion of your internal training and easily adapt and/or add topics to cover your specific needs, skill sets, and environment.

B. Get back to work FAST

Sending your employee to an off-site training class all day requires drive time and class time before the employee can get back to work, often causing delays and work stoppage. Avoid unnecessary delays.

C. Control YOUR schedule

OSHA requires operators to be trained and qualified prior to using the equipment. External training cannot always be scheduled to meet your deadlines. Train and qualify internally efficiently with little wait, on your own schedule.

D. PAY LESS For Great Training

The cost of training classes involves finding a site, hiring a trainer, and coordinating classes. Eliminate this cost and internally train your employees in your own environment for a fraction of the cost. Typical savings are 60-80%!

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2Rigging and Signaling Qualification Courses

These 1-day Riggers and Signalperson courses assist employers in meeting the current federal and selected state regulations for Qualified Person training, testing, and evaluation. This is NOT a national certification program.

The Rigging portion of the program covers risk management, general crane safety & hazards of operating cranes, rigging plans, the use and inspection criteria for master links, shackles, eyebolts, lifting eyes, slings, sling angles, hitches, spreader bars and equalizer beams, calculataing load weight & and center of gravity. Additionally, the Signaling/Spotting portion of the program covers Qualified Signal Person requirements, power line safety, positioning, craning hazards, signal person requirements, and hand and verbal crane signaling, meanings, actions and potential hazards they may cause.

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3Onsite Training: Book A Trainer At Your Location

Schedule our instructors come to your location, on your schedule, with your specific equipment. We offer onsite training for all of our programs.

Onsite training is ideal for companies that:

  • Need training with a program not offered through our open enrollment classes.
  • Don’t want employees to commute to our open enrollment classes.
  • Have a large number of employees to train at once – onsite is often more cost effective and convenient to schedule for large groups.
  • Have specific equipment or working conditions that need to be covered during training.
  • Want a custom program developed and implemented for their business.

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