Information on NCCCO Recertification Process

February 23, 2021

Learn more about the recertification process for NCCCO Nationally Certified operators and why it’s important to start the process early.

  • Do not put off taking your Crane Operator National Recertification exams!
  • National Recertification candidates may take their recertification examinations up to one year prior to their certification’s date of expiration. Regardless of the date of the recertification examination within that one-year period, the new five-year certification period begins from the date of expiration of the candidate’s current certification.
  • Recertification candidates who recertify more than 12 months prior to their expiration date will have their new certification period begin immediately, not from the end of their current certification period.
  • All recertification candidates are allowed two attempts to pass their recertification written exam(s). Candidates who are unsuccessful after two attempts must take and pass the regular certification written exam(s) before their certification expires.
  • Recertification candidates who do not pass a written exam and need to retake the same exam to recertify must wait four (4) weeks to retake the same exam or take an alternate form of the exam. If the 4-week wait surpasses their expiration date, they will no longer be considered a recertification candidate, but rather a new candidate.
  • Recertification candidates who can attest to at least 1,000 hours of crane–related experience (500 hours for STC or DDO) during their period of certification do not need to take the practical exam to recertify. Crane–related experience is defined as operating, maintaining, inspecting, or training on cranes. Candidates will have to attest to having the required number of hours on their written exam application.
  • Recertification candidates who need to take the practical exam for any reason, however, must do so before their certification expires.
  • Recertification candidates can complete the written exams and practical exam (if required) in any order.
  • Candidates may add a new certification at the same time as they take their recertification examinations by taking the full examination and applicable practical examination for the new certification.

For additional information or answers to your questions please contact our National Certification Coordinator, John Kirk, toll-free at 866-531-0403 or by email at

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